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Click here to watch the Workshop Preview, Q & A, Discussion around what I would do differently/my process with the workshop

**There is also a written summary of this video in the description and FB event page discussion, and it is also time-stamped so you can watch specific parts**

RESET is an intentionally woven together collection of practices that I consider to be the foundation of moving well in this amazing miracle we call a body body as we navigate this weird world we live in. Living in a state of chronic exhaustion, depletion, anxiety, depression, and/or addiction seems more-common-than-not in those trying to survive in this western culture that is constantly inhibiting our ability to fully reset.  


One way to use the word “Reset”:  1) to cultivate quality restful states where our systems can recover/metabolize/digest/integrate/heal, and then 2) to prime/create the conditions for grounded, centered, and adaptable “flow-like” states to prepare for what the next wave of stimuli brings.  


Our system is always attempting to “reset”:  Each exhalation is a micro-reset, a yawn is a reset, taking a nap, having a meal, desiring a vacation/retreat, sleeping each night. And our high-stress culture can cut our breath short, scold us for yawning, not give us time to eat/nap, and is perfectly designed to totally fuck up our ability to sleep well. 


So from one angle, the odds are stacked against us—and in a very uneven, unjust way. I want to map out a layerable & scaleable toolkit that is accessible and useful in any situation we find ourselves in. So we can take care of ourselves the best we can with what we got, feel even just a bit better in our bodies, and take that forward and be kind and generous to all beings.  


Deepening our practice to give our bodymindspirit a quality reset is an essential skillset for increasing quality of life aka the quality of our human and beyond human relationships.  


Everything we do in this container will always be a choose-your-own-adventure.  You can engage with simplicity and derive benefit, and also you can create an immersive deep-dive transformative experience if that’s what you’re looking for.  You’ll have lifetime access to all the course content/resources/recordings. 


If you have any questions, concerns, feedback, etc. please send it my way at



more on what we’ll actually be doing/focusing on


  • Movement & nervous system education:  theory, terminology, philosophy, physiological mechanisms… all with a heavy emphasis on turning this into experiential practice

  • Developing a “practice/ritual”-orientation- creating your own DIY “movement self-care rituals” to integrate into your existing movement/dance practice and routines

  • Entry points and reference positions for intuitive somatic improvisational movement and vocalizing/sounding

  • Grounding and centering practices. Oscillating back and forth from exteroception to interoception

  • A spectrum of variations on “movement hygiene” daily practices inspired from various traditions including breath, visual system, spine fluidity, cultivating elasticity and softness, releasing tension, shaking, imagery, skin/tactile stimulation, engaging the vestibular system, balance, floor communication, weight shifting, layering 

  • All of this is basically to increase our ability to shift our state

some frameworks, terms, and concepts we will use


the neuroplasticity double-edge sword, exteroception/orientation, interoception, titration, polyvagal theory, complex system theory, distributed networks, intensity thresholds, limbic system, practical knowledge of neurotransmitter systems, pendulation, embodied cognition theory, critical analysis on how we think of “trauma” and “healing”, cranial nerves, negativity bias, and more

some outcomes I’m hoping to help create conditions for


higher quality of attention, increased well-being/felt-sense of aliveness, increased ability to down-regulate anxiety, more access to simple pleasure, better rest/recovery to prevent burnout, a sense of deeper connection and understanding of your own body, increased capacity to handle life’s stressors

container structure


RESET begins with a 3 hour opening workshop.  You can choose to only do the workshop, or you can join for the whole 5 week container.  You can also start with the workshop and decide later—do what feels best for you. 


  • Opening workshop Sat July 23 from 4:30-7:30pm PST (Zoom + in-person option at Shift studio in Seattle)

  • Support sessions on Zoom Aug 4, 10, 17 from 12-1:30pm PST

  • Closing session Sat Aug 27 from 4:30-6:45pm PST (in-person option in Seattle)


*All sessions will be recorded, lifetime access*

 The opening workshop will be timestamped/indexed and edited into practice audios and videos designed for repetition. 

No worries if you can't attend live- If you would like recordings for the workshop/the whole course, please follow the same registration process. 


You will get a daily email that will serve as an “accountability reminder”, a review of materials, new movement/nervous system practices and variations, as supporting education, etc


 Zoom support sessions will be structured as:  practice, lecture, practice, discussion/shares/questions


Fill out the registration form here

For the opening workshop only:  $100 (sliding scale $50-200)


For the whole 5 week group:  $400 (Sliding Scale $200-600)


Nobody turned away for lack of funds. Pay what you can. Seriously. This isn’t “my” work, and I believe everyone should have access to this material. And if you do have the resources, your support is very much appreciated: it’s taken me 10+ years to gather and weave this all together. 


Payment can be sent via:

Venmo: david-gallina (last four of my phone number is 4756)


CashApp: $DavidGallina


Write “RESET, (your name)” in the description

A portion of funds raised goes to supporting my teachers. 


more about my mindset developing and entering into this container


RESET was originally just going to be a workshop, and upon further reflection realized I want to help support the INTEGRATION process so these practices actually take root and become habits.  The first iteration of this RESET container is an experiment—there will be an element of co-creation with those who join the group with an intention to refine the process towards making it more effective and accessible for future cohorts. I’m very invested in how I can make this more useful, enjoyable, and beneficial for all joining, and will be gathering feedback and making adjustments as we go based on group needs.  


I’m not perfect.  I’m a human practicing alongside you.  I’ve struggled my adult life with waves of chronic illness/pain/fatigue, autoimmunity in my brain/gut/joints, food/chemical intolerances, a handful of mental health diagnosis, addictions, blah blah blah all of which got way worse during the pandemic. I feel like this RESET body of work is what’s kept me well enough as I continue to make progress towards more consistent stability.  So while I lead with a healthy dose of self-skepticism, I’m giving up waiting achieving some fantasy state of perfect health before I feel worthy enough to share work that’s been so impactful in my life and others.  


I also may be sharing what’s on the edge of my personal practice.  I have some ideas for “bonus material” and pop-up practices throughout the container.

RESET Workshop
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