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This page is dedicated to our monthly projects and material

in my movement classes at Seattle Bouldering Project.

Feel free to email me requests for tutorials, etc.

March 2022

Class Excerpts:

ipsilateral options to play with

contralateral options to play with

A locomotion piece:  

cossack insertion: beginner

cossack insertion variations

We will be focusing on a movement from Capoeira called Queda de Rins, abbreviated QDR.  

QDR:  Static Progressions tutorial

QDR:  Some Dynamic Movements tutorial

Please send any questions my way at 

Honoring the Roots:


"Capoeira is an afroBrazilian martial art more than 500 years old. It was created by the African slaves brought to Brazil by the Portuguese to work the land. The slaves had different back - grounds and came from lots of different tribes, each with its own unique rituals, games, musical instruments and even fighting styles. Through a complex process of integration and mixture of those different African rituals, a process no one truly understands, Capoeira was created. Capoeira has gone through a lot of changes during its estimated 500+ years of existence, being both a traditional art as well as part of the open, change welcoming way of the Brazilian people. Today, Capoeira is practiced worldwide."


Queda de Rins translates to “fall of the kidneys” due to it’s common use in capoeira.  The QDR is a family of movements using an ‘elbow lever’, which is the term that may be used commonly in breakdancing and circus. 


Intermediate Class Prep



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