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**This page is work-in-progress.  I'm going to write a short blurb for some of these and provide some of their resources that I've found most helpful for those interested.  Coming soon. **

Animist Arts- Dare Sohei and Larissa Kaul

Martin Kilvady

Movement Culture- Ido Portal, Odelia Goldschmidt, Shai Faran, John Sapinoso 

Zack Finer, Matt Bernstein, Liav Baron-Ape Co Movement School-Boulder CO

Dudi Malka- Shadow Yoga

Ohad Naharin and the Gaga dance movement

Steve Hoskinson of Organic Intelligence

Sadhguru-Isha Yoga

International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation

Ben Patrick (KneesOverToesGuy) and ATG

Kim Kanzelberger of Center States Tai Chi Chuan

Jonathan Baxter of HoopPath

Athletic Playground in Oakland, CA

Fighting Monkey, Joseph Bartz, Elia Mrak, Wendy Kinal, Kyle Fincham, Tada Hozumi, Tom Weksler, Roser Tutusaus, Jon Yuen, Phillip Chubb, Gabrielle Roth, Authentic Movement, Emilie Conrad of Continuum Movement, Axis Syllabus, Functional Range Conditioning

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