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Recording for my February online dance-based workshop Structured Improvisation in Movement:  



I’m making this freely available for anyone who wants to see if my style resonates with them and to experience my take on some ways to deepen your movement/dance practice, designed for both so-called beginners as well as those with years of experience.  The workshop was offered at $40, sliding scale 30-50, and also Pay What You Can.  So if it does add value and you have funds, donations are greatly appreciated via Venmo @David-Gallina or PayPal 

The theme of this workshop is WAVES.  

More about the Structured Improvisation in Movement series:  

This workshop provides insight to the process I wish I would have had many years ago when I wanted to get better at and actually enjoy dancing but did not know where to start.  Structured Improvisation introduces an organized, yet flexible and customizable approach for developing movement & dance improvisation.  This will include isolating different parts/regions of the body with various techniques, restrictions, and somatic invitations. Then we will put it all together with options for how to layer these elements to create your own unique thumbprint style of moving in a way that feels good in your body.  This workshop is intentionally designed for all bodies, all abilities, all energy levels.  You will walk away with material to instantly improve the look and feel of your dance and deepen your movement practice.


No choreography. Nobody put on the spot.  Low pressure, lots of fun.

Recording for my March online dance-based workshop Structured Improvisation in Movement

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